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Connecting to landline phone

The first time the Streamer is used with a landline phone, a one-time pairing connection must be established to create a private link between them for secure communication. Follow the 8 steps below.
(If you have a Bluetooth enabled Landline phone, click here.) 

Connection Guide for ConnectLine Phone:

  1. Connect to power

  2. Connect the Phone adapter to telephone
    Move the phone cable from the telephone to the Phone adapter. Unplug the cable from the Phone and insert it into the BLACK socket of the Phone adapter.

  3. Connect the Phone adapter to telephone outlet
    Take the cable included and plug one end into the YELLOW socket on the Phone adapter. Plug the other end in the phone socket where you just removed the phone line. (Note: both ends are the same on the cable).

  4. Place the Streamer next to the Phone adapter
    (less than 30 cm/1ft apart).

  5. Press the Streamer Connect button
    for 5 seconds until the blue light starts flashing.

  6. Press the red Phone button on the Phone adapter
    for 5 seconds until the red status indicator is flashing.

  7. After approx. 5-10 seconds the red status indicator on the Phone adapter gives constant red light and the blue light in Streamer Connect button gives constant light for 5 seconds and then shows slow fading light.*

  8. Verify pairing
    by pressing the phone button on the Streamer. You should see the red status indicator on the adapter start flashing.

*You may have to re-pair if first pairing sequence fails.

TIP: To make a phone call, either  press the phone button on the Streamer OR on the phone adapter. Dial the call on the landline phone. You can hang up the landline phone as soon as the first call tones are heard in your hearing aids and the sound from the call will be streamed only to your hearing aids.

Download User Guides
Click below to download more information about how to get started with ConnectLine Phone.

Phone calls
User Guide

Phone Adapter
Installation Guide

Instructional videos
Click on the videos below to see how easy it is to use ConnectLine Phone.

Talking on
Landline Phone

Connect Streamer to
Landline Phone

Pair Streamer
with Tele Adapter

Go to Pairing Guide to see how to pair the Streamer with a Bluetooth enabled Landline Phone.

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