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How to pair and connect the Oticon Streamer

The Oticon Streamer is a compact Bluetooth device that acts as a gateway between your Dual or Epoq instruments and external sound sources.

To use the Streamer with the ConnectLine solutions or with other Bluetooth enabled devices, the Streamer needs to be:


1. Linked
to your hearing aids, which has to be done by a Hearing Care Professional.

2. Paired
to the ConnectLine adapters or Bluetooth device (Mobile Phone) to create a private link for communication.

3. Connected
Any paired device will automatically be connected once the relevant adapter is within range of the Streamer.

4. Activated
by two types of events:

  • an external event such as the phone is ringing
  • when pushing the relevant button on the Streamer

The ConnectLine system can have up to eight wireless devices paired simultaneously.

For step-by-step instructions on how to pair and connect the Oticon Streamer to other electronic devices, please select one of the following: PhoneTVMobileMusic or go to the Download section.

Streamer Guides
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Instructions for use

Getting Started Guide

See instructional videos
Click on the video and see how easy it is to connect the Streamer to TV and phone.

Connecting the Streamer
to TV Adapter

Connecting the Streamer
to Phone Adapter

Talking on the
Landline Phone

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