Nowax protection system

NoWax is perfect for people with limited dexterity. There is only one way to use the removal tool, and that's the correct way, a used filter can never be reinserted. NoWax has a 'new filter' indicator to prevent people with poor eyesight from attempting to insert a used filter.

Fully disposable
NoWax is made from environmentally friendly material, making it easy to discard after use. The user can dispose of the filter, tool and shell together with normal household waste, without placing any additional demand on the environment.

Freedom to choose
If users want to convert from MicroWaxBuster to NoWax, you will be able to perform this service, as the receiver tube fits both.
NoWax is available in all newer Oticon custom products.

Replacing procedure:

  1. Remove the tool (C) from the shell (A). The tool has two arms, one with the new filter (B) and one with the removal tool (D)
  2. Push the removal tool into the existing wax filter and remove the used filter from the hearing aid
  3. Push the new filter into the hearing aid
  4. Discard the used tool