There are standard devices - and there is Epoq

The approach
Oticon Epoq heralds a new age in audiology, where hearing aids offer more than mere amplification. With its extreme 10 Khz bandwidth and ability to perform real-time binaural processing, Epoq reveals more about the nature and origin of sounds than any other solution available.

Epoq blasts through the “wall of sound” so often experienced with standard solutions unable to preserve the dynamics of the original signal. Epoq uses wireless communication and high-speed coordination to provide the binaural input necessary for accurate localisation, speech segregation and overall sound perception.

We call this phenomenon Spatial Sound. Clients call it “natural hearing”. Press the demo icon above to experience it yourself.

There are 3 versions of Epoq instruments which all govern for first class fitting results while applying different levels of the advanced technology and wireless based features.

  • Epoq XW
    Taking full advantage of wireless binaural processing - including Spatial Sound, Binaural DFC and My Voice - the XW improves localization, sound quality and speech intelligibility in even the most complex environments.
  • Epoq W
    RISE architecture, RITE technology, an extended bandwidth coupled with the ability to synchronise the automatic features make Epoq W the next-best thing to the XW.
  • Epoq V
    An entry-level model offering complete coordination of volume and program controls plus full connectivity to TVs, mp3 players and cell phones via Oticon ConnectLine.

What's NEW!
Epoq BTE Power  - a new 13 battery based mini BTE style for traditional fittings
The new generation of RISE power instruments gives its users a leap forward in listening performance but also satisfies the users diverse preferences for design, fitting solution and daily operation. The BTE Power is the smallest, most advanced, most flexible mini BTE power instrument based on a 13 battery allowing fitting to any client despite ear and canal sizes.

The Epoq BTE Power is available in all 3 Epoq versions: XW, W and V.

Power Micro Mould - a new RITE Power fitting option
A customized micro mould designed as a “click-on” solution onto RITE Power speakers, which can easily be done in the shop. The new Power micro mould with its transparent look sets a new cosmetically standard for power users. The other two fitting options ‘power dome’ and ‘power mould’ are still accommodating the need of many users and remain available.

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Epoq and wireless connectivity
With ConnectLine solutions Epoq users can finally talk on the phone, watch TV and listen to music with just as much ease as everyone else. ConnectLine delivers improved performance in terms of speech intelligibility and sound quality since sounds are streamed directly to the hearing instruments via the user friendly Oticon Streamer.

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