Epoq - The way your world should sound

With its revolutionary wireless technology, Epoq signals the start of a bright new era in hearing care. One in which sounds are captured and presented to you the way you meant to hear them.

Epoq devices aren’t like ordinary instruments that provide uncoordinated inputs into each ear. Epoqs actually communicate with each other to present a single, balanced picture for your brain to process.

With Epoq as your personal “Sound compass” you won’t be in any doubt as to what sounds are and where they are coming from. Whether it’s a car coming from the side or a person calling from behind, you’ll be able to hear and locate them in an instant. Because your ears will tell you where to look.

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Oticon ConnectLineTM
With ConnectLine solutions Epoq users can finally talk on the phone, watch TV and listen to music with just as much ease as everyone else. ConnectLine delivers improved performance in terms of speech intelligibility and sound quality since sounds are streamed directly to the Epoq instruments via the user friendly Oticon Streamer. Read more about ConnectLine solutions.

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